Whether you’re a frequent flier or an occasional traveler, you’ve probably experienced the minutes of uncertainty by the luggage carousel as black suitcase after indistinguishable black suitcase trundles by.

If you want to ensure you’ll get your own luggage, why not personalize your luggage tag with a photo? That way, when someone tries to pawn your stuff, you can instantly shame him (or her) with adorable photos of your children.

Photo luggage tags usually cost around $7 and are printed and encased in a durable plastic shell with a hole for hooking the tag to your luggage. Snappy Photo Gifts offers a variety of photo luggage tags starting at $7.75. Shutterfly’s assortment is more limited and starts at $8. Crewtags has just one style but will only set you back $7. Also check out the apply named Your Bag Tag for a selection of custom and photo luggage tags.