When we had our database crash, we had some time to sit around and ask ourselves “deep” questions. Like.. have you ever wondered how many digital photos we’ve taken, or how many digital cameras are out there? Wonder no more. The UK consulting firm Futuresource says that there are 3.5 billion cameras in use worldwide (including those in phones) and over 1 trillion personal digital photos stored on computers, mobile devices and on external web servers (or “the cloud”).

Think about a trillion digital photos for a minute. That’s about 285 images for every digital camera in circulation (at least according to Google) and frankly, that seems really low to me. I wouldn’t be surprised if the number were three times as high, or higher still, when you think about how long digital cameras have been around and how quickly our photo collections build up.

Which is to say that we’re all sitting on a lot of photos but are we getting the most out of them? Our humble purpose here at Your Digital Life is help you discover all the things you can do with your digital photos (and videos). There’s a lot out there, from putting them on Ikea Furniture, luggage tags, and rugs to making canvas or 3D prints and of course, digital photo frames, photo books and more.