According to purehomeimprovement.comWhile you are undoubtedly spending hours searching the internet to find that perfect photographer for the wedding day, you probably have not even considered thinking about booking a paparazzi or a photographer for the hens party in Sydney. Although, the great moments of the hen night can also be as relevant as your wedding day, and so it’s also essential making sure that your last night of being single is well captured on camera. This is true as the hen night will probably be littered with few large memory blanks. Having a good photographer to accompany you to the hen night is very easy, but having them capture what you want is a whole different case. There are hundreds of freelancers, media and collective industries more than prepared to provide all of your requirements. In large cities in the united kingdoms, mostly at the best-visited cities when it comes to hens night such as Manchester, Leeds Liverpool and Newcastle, a single Google search will yield a list of independently listed photographers. An average rate of paying for a high-quality photographer is about £50 per hour, excluding any work or edit on the photographer, although the charge rate depends on the quality. To get a good measurement on what you should pay for, professional and invariably a better photographer will have a blog available online. Nevertheless, just having someone following you with a camera all around on a hens night is an excellent way of immortalizing your hen party. There are other memorable and interesting activities to do such as talking to a paparazzi with your best friends and relatives on the hen night than just visiting the bars (although you can always do both), but always ensure to have your night party around photography.


Most photographers usually provide a makeover alongside the party photo package, in which the bride and her friends get the proper makeover beauty services before getting prepared for the camera in their hen’s party. This can be a perfect way of starting off your hen weekend or night; if nothing else, both the soon to be bride and her bridesmaids are sure to appear their best following an hour or more spent with the makeup expert. Most photographers do not know when a person a ready for a photograph as most time the bride could be tired and stressed out and doesn’t want to be captured at that moment. If you are planning on having a rather a memorable night with your girlfriends and having few clips of you at your happy hour, then this can be a perfect way of using one stone to kill two birds.


This type of package is provided by many studios all across the world; each of them offers a bit different service. Most places give that exciting party environment than others, while others cater particularly for hen nights (balloons, naughty party bags, etcetera). A photographer shouldn’t make decisions or join the girls to party on a hens night. If you are in search of low-key hen night activities, but still want some professional photographs to be taken you can always call a photographer.

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