YesVideo Offers MemorySafe Online Archiving for DVDsIf you’re using retail locations like Bartell Drugs, CVS/pharmacy and Walgreens to have your home movies and photos burned to a DVD, you now have another option to save those photos and videos. YesVideo, the company that provides these services for the aforementioned retailers, has recently introduced MemorySafe, an online archiving service.

Here’s how it works: if you’ve received a YesDVD, you can upload its contents to MemorySafe and key in your unique order code. Once online, your videos can be sent around to friends and family (who can order their own copy on DVD) or shared on Facebook and Twitter. You can also edit those videos using tools on the MemorySafe website.

You’ll enjoy 30 days of storage free, after which you’ll need to pay to keep your videos housed on MemorySafe’s servers. It costs $10 per DVD per year of storage with discounts if you add additional years or additional DVD uploads. The service is touted as a way to keep your videos safe, but if you happen to lose or damage your original YesDVD, you’ll have to pay to order another one – MemorySafe won’t let you download your original movie file to your computer and won’t issue a new DVD for free.