We chat to starburst extreme slot about there best pratices and insights on web hsting. Web hosting is the space on a server on which your website or web application is placed so that everyone on the Internet can access it. In practice, this means the service you receive from a web hosting provider such as one.com.

You can host your website on your own server at home, but there are many benefits to having a web host. We and other reputable web hosting providers regularly upgrade our hardware for better performance and increased security. Providers have experts who monitor the servers around the clock to protect customers’ websites against malicious viruses and malware attacks. It’s like having your own team of IT experts without the big price tag.

Different types of web hosting

There are different types of web hosts, yet they work in much the same way. The most common type is shared web hosting. This means that several websites are placed on one and the same server. How many websites are placed varies between different web hosts, it can be from a couple of hundred to a couple of thousand and they all accept both visa and mastercard. Shared web hosting is the best option for anyone using a web host for the first time. They are usually a little cheaper compared to other alternatives and most of the websites that have a site are those with lower traffic levels.

Shared Hosting

In the past, a shared server could lead to problems and make the “neighbors” (other websites on the same server) slow if a specific site received increased traffic or did something else that required a lot of the server. Nowadays, there are many resources that in most cases keep performance at a high level. Serious providers also have load balancing and other solutions to handle increased traffic, as well as features to temporarily shut down and investigate websites that use an unreasonable amount of resources.

Usually, shared hosting, or Shared Hosting as it is often called is the most cost-effective way to service your website. Each web server has several websites and the resources are efficiently distributed between them. one.com has been a leading provider of reliable web hosting for many years.

WordPress Hosting

WordPress Hosting means web hosting that at the server level has been optimized for WordPress to ensure a well-functioning site.

How is WordPress Hosting different from regular hosting? There are some differences between different providers, but normally hosting solutions with WordPress include the following:

A simple 1-click installation that allows you to avoid dozens of manual steps required to install a WordPress manually. At one.com, you can install WordPress automatically in less than a minute.
Server settings are optimized for WordPress pages to load faster. This may include caching optimization and other fine-tuning.
Security measures that protect the most common security holes in WordPress. Over 30% of existing websites are created with WordPress, and they are a popular target for hackers to attack. There is also something called “Managed WordPress”, which usually refers to a secure environment that limits the use of add-ons that are not supported or that may be vulnerable. WordPress Hosting can be run on VPS, shared or dedicated servers.

VPS Hosting

A VPS, virtual private server is like a part of a server that you usually rent from a hosting company and it works largely as a dedicated server, but it is actually a shared variant where you have part of a server via special software. VPS is really a good solution when you want to take the step up from regular web hosting!

With a VPS, you get almost as good functionality as a dedicated server and you can have lots of sites, blogs, software, and applications on your VPS. A virtual server is actually a software that works as a server and you rent it from a hosting company.

A virtual server is much more than a web host and you can do so much more than just host your web pages. You can load all kinds of software, games, applications, and more on your VPS. As I said, you get completely different flexibility and security towards a web host. The accessibility is on a completely different level. So also the security department applies to your websites, programs, and files.

You handle some part of the administration yourself and can do reboots, installations, upgrades, etc via your part of the VPS. As I said, you have high security even if you can actually be infected by other people’s viruses by other actors who are on the same server as you do. If you have a dedicated server, you can not be infected by others. It is not common with a VPS, but theoretically, it is possible.

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