Kids & Technology or Why Your Photos Will DisappearHere’s a funny video of some Canadian kids being confronted with technology from the 1980s.  The curious reaction of the children when handed a floppy disk is funny, but there is a moral to this story. In another 20 years, you’ll get much the same bewildered reaction when you hand a child a DVD disc. What won’t be so humorous is if that disc contains your digital photos and videos.  If you’re storing your digital photos and videos on DVD discs, you need to remember that those discs – and the devices that read those discs – won’t be around forever. Unlike photo prints – which never become obsolete – digital photo stored on DVD discs could vanish. So be sure to follow our four simple steps to protecting your photos for generations. Your kid’s, kids will thank you – when they’re done mocking your antiquated gadgets.