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There are many great “tech” sites out there. Plenty of places to find the best digital camera or learn about how to take the perfect photograph. That’s not us. What we’re about are all those thousands of photos and videos you have sitting on that computer or smartphone of yours. Those are your memories. Don’t you want to have fun with them? Live them again? Bring them out of the computer and into your world?

We can help.

Every day, Your Digital Life will bring you the latest photo solutions – from retail print bargains to the latest must-have (or must-skip) photo merchandise. We’ll show you how to create memorable keepsakes with your images, which apps and services give you the best quality for your dollar and hands-on reviews of scores of photo products – from media centers, creative software, photo printers and mobile apps. If it involves digital photos and videos, you’ll learn about it here.

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Who Are Those Guys?

Gregory Scoblete is a technology journalist who’s been covering digital photography for a decade – back when a 1-megapixel was the height of technology and cost $700.

Michael McEnaney has been covering the photo industry even longer than he cares to admit.