According to SkyCITY, Statistics show that art galleries around the world, have seen a trend in falling visits from tourists around the world. Even the most acclaimed galleries of the most visited countries around the world, such as the Tate Gallery in London, have seen a fall in the number of people visiting.

One of the most important reasons for such a trend is that tourists are motivated more by social media worthy locations of a country rather than art galleries which may often not even allow you to take pictures of the most beautiful works of art that the world has ever seen. Moreover, the nature of visits has also pushed the locations such as art galleries down the list. This naturally implies that the world is now focusing more and more on a backpacking trend that involves only very small tour to one particular destination, the entirety of which is spent visiting the main landmarks of the location rather than art galleries.

Art Gallery Venues:

But among this wave of tourists that have no interest in any of the art galleries whatsoever, there are always some that are on the lookout for works of art, be it architecture or paintings or sculptures.

Around Christmas this year, we really fell in love in the London art culture. We even rented a venue to invite the most inspiring artists over. We all agreed upon London’s best art galleries, and here they are.

1.    National Gallery:

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The National Art Gallery of London is one of the most important places to visit for an art lover. The gallery is more of an art museum located at Trafalgar Square. The national art gallery does not the only house numerous works of art from as far back as the 13th century but also has a beautiful infrastructure with its eye-catching fountain in the front. Moreover, to promote art, the National Gallery holds art exhibitions every now and then with a special webpage of the website that is regularly updated for people and even allows virtual tour of the museum.

2.    Tate Modern:

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The Tate Modern is a part of an entire family of art galleries that includes Tate Britain, Tate Liverpool and Tate Ives. Tate Modern is by far the most impressive of the family and contains several pieces of art from not very far back. It is located in the area of Southwark. The gallery is known to hold several art exhibition with different modern artists coming in every now and then. The architecture of the Tate Modern Art Gallery is very impressive. Its beautiful blackish brownish façade with sharp angles screams about the masterpieces it houses.

3.    Guildhall Art Gallery:

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Most of the art in the Guildhall Art Gallery is that from the Victorian era. The structure of the gallery has been restored in 1999 and the webpage of the gallery provides information about events that can be and will be held in the near future. The gallery is located on Gresham Street and is characterized by a very royal interior and rich dense colors. The Guildhall art gallery is rather simply made with not much to show off other than the remains of the Roman amphitheater inside the gallery.

4.    The Barbican Center:

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The Barbican Center is not a mere art library but rather a center for performing arts located in the Barbican Estate. The Barbican center holds its art shows every now and then showcasing modern art from different artists. The architecture of the Barbican Art Gallery, like most other art galleries is very impressive and is a sight for sore eyes. The website for the gallery is constantly updated to display upcoming shows and highlights from past ones.

5.    Royal Academy of Arts:

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The Royal Academy of Arts is one of the oldest galleries for art in the country with a history of over 250 years. The thing about the Royal Academy of Arts is that it does not have a permanent display or a set of paintings that stay on exhibition all year round, but has a number of different shows being held at any point in time and forms a great tourist attraction it is located in Piccadilly and serves as one of the most important historical structures of England. The view of the Royal Academy of Arts oozes royalty with its grand structure and beautiful architecture.